Tired Of Pointless Meetings? 6 Tips To Make Them More Effective

As a leader, your ability to organize and conduct a productive, valuable and engaging meeting plays a major and essential important role for your business. Unfortunately, not everyone has these important skills.

Here are a few recommendations for preparing and facilitating an effective meeting to ensure each meeting runs smoothly.

#1.  Have a good reason

Finding a place for a meeting on a tight schedule can be very stressful for most people. As a result, most people prefer not to attend meetings because they simply lack the time. Meetings disrupt workflow and are sometimes regarded as inconvenient. So start by giving people a good reason to let go of certain responsibilities to attend your meeting.

#2. Decide on the best way to hold the meeting

As I mentioned earlier, finding the time to attend a meeting can be hard. So as a manager, you can explore other ways of holding the meeting in the event your colleagues are busy.

A conference is always an option. Your colleagues will definitely thank you for respecting their time.

#3. Arrange the meeting room to your benefit

As the host of the meeting, you’re faced with the responsibility of delivering a speech to really grasp people’s attention. Just because they are looking at you doesn’t mean they’re fully paying attention. So ensure they are fully concentrated on whatever you have to say.

The best way to ensure everybody listens is by making arrangements in the sitting order of members, and also, use the appropriate tools like projectors and whiteboard to get the message across.

#4. Invite only the necessary people

Don’t waste your time trying to involve people that are irrelevant to the meeting. Only invite those with an important contribution to offer, regardless of past attendance. The smaller the crowd, the more you’ll be able to concentrate your efforts on those that matter.

Ask yourself what the purpose of the meeting really is and crosscheck the list potential attendees for anyone irrelevant. Seek the assistance of your boss or subordinates and get their opinion.

#5. Summarize the Main Point

Quite a number of individuals fail to realize how hard others find it to make time for meetings. It’s important to summarize your main points in such a way that the audience will have a firm understanding of whatever message you’re trying to get across.

Don’t bore them with the unnecessary jibber-jabber… Go straight to the point!

#6. Ensure that all participants are heard

In my opinion, each and every single meeting should have a platform where everyone has a say. As a leader facilitating the meeting, you should make sure everyone contributes to the meeting and responds to feedbacks just as well.

Even if they fail to ask questions, you should encourage them to speak up and contribute to the meeting. Their opinions should count just as much as yours.

Collaboration is the key to success.

Follow these to ensure your meeting have an impact on everyone and use their time effectively- as well as yours.

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