Today is A Gift from Allah – Say Alhamdulillah!

Thank you ya Allah for this beautiful new day which you have given to us . As we wake up on this new day, we besiege you to help us to remember how lucky we are and for us to never take any of your gifts for granted. Help us to live every day in your name, give us the strength to make the right choices throughout this day and any other day that we witness in this world.

Allah we ask you to help us appreciate all the people you have gifted us with. Give us the strength to say sorry when we are in the wrong and to be prepared to forgive those who have hurt us so we can come to the end of the day with no regrets. Amen!

We often take life for granted. We think of moments with our families, friends, etc. as a right and not a privilege. Allah has blessed us with every second of this day for a reason. It is only with His mercy that we live an additional second or an additional day. So why should we waste it?

I grew up hearing, “Live every moment as if it’s your last” and believed it to be a complete cliche. But when you hear of tragic incidences of young people losing their lives, then you realize that this very moment can easily be your last. You don’t know when your life will come to an end, so appreciate these moments and live them to the fullest by being thankful to Allah Azawajala.

When we become thankful, only then will our hearts be free from envy, greed and jealousy. Being thankful to Him help us to constantly remember His Mercy towards us. This allows us to be more humble.

The messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “People are dependents of Allah; the closest to Him are those who are most useful to His dependents” (Muslim).

As the blessings from Allah to a servant increase, so will the people’s needs of that blessed servant’s services. If the servant ignores their needs, it will cause those blessings to be removed. So treat all gifts of Allah with equal respect and gratitude, lest you lose it one day for good. Aishah Radiyalahu Anha, mother of the believers said that the Prophet ﷺ entered upon her one day and saw a small piece of bread on the floor, so he picked it up and wiped it, then told her:

“O Aishah, treat the blessings of Allah with respect, for when it departs from a household it may never come back to them” (Abud Dunya).

A lot of times the reason for our ungratefulness is because we are constantly comparing ourselves with our wealthier, healthier, and more accomplished counterparts. We forget so many obvious blessings that others may not enjoy but that we are enjoying and therefore should be thankful for. The Prophet ﷺ  admonished us thus:

“Look at those people who have less than you and never look at those who have more grants than you, this will ensure that you will not depreciate Allah’s favours” (Muslim).

Some people express their discomfort (perhaps unintentionally) with anything that they are not used to. They may be too picky about their taste of food, clothing and furniture. They may even get irritated easily in new environments, they may like meeting only a certain type of people or they may not like working with a certain category of people.

This insensitivity to others and the inability to accommodate them is a sign of selfishness, arrogance and ungratefulness. Be content in every situation and you will become grateful. If you are ungrateful, Allah is unaffected. If you become grateful, then you have taken the first step towards becoming a true Believer. It is for this reason that the Prophet ﷺ exhorted us to “Love Allah as we benefit from His grace” ( Tirmidhi).

Allah azawajala reminds us:

“And whoever is grateful, he is only grateful for the benefit of his own self” (Luqman 31:12).

“For surely if it was not for the Grace of Allah on you and His mercy, you would have been among the losers” (Al Baqarah 2:64).

“It is He Who brought you forth from the wombs of your mothers when you knew nothing; and He gave you hearing and sight and intelligence and affection: that you may give thanks (to Allah)”(An-Nahl, 16:78).

Allah in His immense wisdom and power, His mercy and generosity, when we ask-He gives; we cry-He listens; we sin- He forgives; we repent-He accepts; we knock:-He opens doors for us.  So which of Allah’s favours can we deny?

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