Top 10 Strategies For Screening Potential Hires

Screening potential employees is an important aspect of developing a strong, productive and competent workforce which is the strongest asset any company, business or organization can have. Without the right screening tools, companies risk making poor hiring decisions that may result in catastrophic losses that can lead them down the wrong path. Here is a list of means to use to when screening potential hires.


#1. Cover Letters

It may be an old school approach but requesting for a cover letter will ensure that your staff is learned, articulate and able to communicate without misspelling, incorrect grammar and emojis.

#2. Structured Interviews

Candidates can be thoroughly evaluated and assessed by trained assessors, hiring managers or recruiters on the basis of their responses to pre-set questions structured around key job competencies.

#3. Qualifications screen

These can effectively determine if the candidate possesses the requirements for the job. They are also very effective in screening out candidates who do not meet the minimum requirement such as schedule availability, citizenship or educational degrees.

#4. Background Investigations

Using tools such as social media to investigate about a potential hire can go a long way in ensuring you don’t hire the wrong person for the job or company. Also checking criminal records, verifying resumes, and interviewing references can help avoid catastrophic hires.

#5. Integrity Tests

You can set written tests where the candidate’s answers can be used to predict whether or not he/she will engage in counter-productive activities. These are effective in avoiding or limiting hiring mistakes that result to economic loss of the company.

#6. Physical Abilities Test

Putting your potential candidates through physical tests to assess their physical wellbeing is also in the best interest of the company. Try to assess talents and capabilities such as strength, endurance, dexterity and vision.

#7. Drug Screens

These are tests designed to assess past drug use by analyzing a physical specimen from the candidate (e.g., hair, urine). Drug screens can be fairly expensive and tend to uncover significant information for a relatively small proportion of candidates. However, the information provided by drug screens might be critical for the legal and safety requirements associated with some jobs.

#8. Twitter

Savvy candidates control their privacy on Facebook and in general post more intimate moments for friends and family to see. Twitter is a much better indicator of how they build their personal brand on a global stage, which is especially good for marketing and sales hires. That being said, they should always be given a second chance in an interview to explain anything that seems questionable.

Using these tests will help you increase the likelihood of hiring high-quality candidates. They will also help you save time and money in the selection process, decrease turnover, increase turnover and improve morale.

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