Top 10 Universities For Entrepreneurs In The US

Probably, you’ve always dreamt of being an entrepreneur but are wondering what university to pick that’ll facilitate that. Or perhaps you’re already an entrepreneur and have a small startup business on the move but feel like you’re missing something, some knowledge. You’re thinking of taking a few courses to boost what you’ve already got stored. Plus the one place you wish to study is in the US.

Well, the Princeton review has outlined 50 of the best entrepreneurship colleges and programs in the US. Of course we can’t list all of them, so we’ve taken it upon ourselves to present to you the top 18 universities- 5 undergraduate and 5 graduate programs.



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Undergraduate Universities

#1. Babson College

Located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Babson College was founded in 1919. It offered its first entrepreneurship course in 1967 and presently offer 62 entrepreneurship undergraduate courses.

Babson College freshmen have to do a course called Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship, where they get a $3,000 loan to start their own business. At the end of the year, they ought to pay back the loan and give any profits acquired to charity and then shut the business down. This gets them to experience the life of entrepreneurship.

Its graduates over the recent 10 years have started 401 companies and students are given the chance to have mentors who are well-versed in the world of entrepreneurship.

#2. Brigham Young University

Having a history going all the way back to 1875, Brigham Young University was founded mainly by the Mormon Church and is located in Utah. With about 300,000 students, it offered its first entrepreneurship course in 1971 and today has 32 entrepreneurship undergrad courses.

To commence the entrepreneurship academic journey, they offer a course called Entrepreneurial Innovation, where students learn about forming and validating an idea for a business. They then take a class that teaches them how to put together a business model. Its 2014-2015 business plan created competitions which gave awards of about $18,000 in cash prizes.

Its graduates over the recent years have collectively raised $772,008,250 in funding.

#3. University Of Houston

Based in Houston, Texas, this university is known as a public research university and is ranked at No. 358 on the Forbes college list. It offers 11 entrepreneurship undergrad courses and have got 293 mentors that work with students.

It is considered a top school by Princeton Review as its C.T. Bauer College of Business houses the Cyvia and Melvyn Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship and it offers a variety of courses which aim to train entrepreneurs and includes classes on capitalization, funding and how to write a business plan

#4. Baylor University

Chartered by the Congress in 1845, Baylor University is located in Waco, Texas. They currently have 29 entrepreneurship undergraduate courses on offer for interested students. Its graduates have formed 100 companies over the recent years. It has awarded students cash prizes rolling in thousands of dollars.

#5. Northeastern University

Formed in 1898 in Boston, Massachusetts, Northeastern University offered its first entrepreneurship course in 1980 and has got 37 undergraduate courses in the field.

The school offers 133 mentors to assist students and have also got sponsorship programs for students.

Graduate Universities

#6. Harvard Business School

Founded in 1908, Harvard Business School is the graduate business school of Harvard University and is located in Boston, Massachusetts. They offer 28 graduate courses in entrepreneurship.

Its graduates have gone on to create 77 companies and have raised $1,915,899,000 in funding, over the past five years.

#7. Babson College

Babson College, as previously mentioned, is considered one of the leading business universities in the US. It not only falls under the category of the best undergraduate entrepreneurship programs but also under the graduate banner.

#8. The University of Chicago

Next on our list is the University of Chicago which was established in 1890 and consists of the College,  interdisciplinary committees and graduate programs.

They’ve got 30 entrepreneurship courses available for students and have 182 mentors present to work with students and aid them through their time in their office.

The University of Chicago students has won awards of  $726,500.

#9. University of Michigan

Commonly known as Michigan, this university is considered a public research university based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It has 59 entrepreneurship courses available and 37 percent of the entrepreneurship faculty have gone on to run, buy or start their own business.

#10. Northwestern University

A private research university, Northwestern University was established in 1851 and has campuses in Chicago, Illinois, Evanston and Doha, Qatar.

Commencing its entrepreneurship course in 1976, it presently has 44 entrepreneurship graduate courses. It has got numerous mentors available reaching 200s and graduates have been known to start companies reaching 340 over the past ten years.

In the past one year, its students have gone on to win prize money of about $1,077,800 in competitions.

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