Top 5 Famous Female Muslim Journalists

#1.Zeinab Badawi

Zeinab Badawi

Badawi is a name which can’t be separated from the popular BBC programme “Hard talk”. She is a Sudanese-British television and radio journalist. Badawi was born in Sudan and raised in Britain by her dad whom was a newspaper editor.She holds a BSc. in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, in addition to an MA in Politics and Anthropology. Before joining the BBC network, she worked as a co-presenter for Channel 4 news. Today, Badawi is a popular face of BBC world service news hour and a regular voice on BBC radio service.

In 2009, she was named International TV personality of the year and in 2011 awarded a Doctorate of Letters in recognition of her achievements in journalism, in addition to her numerous public positions.

#2.Asra Nomani

Asra Nomani

She is an academic, a women’s right activist,blogger and journalist. Asra was born in Bombay, India and holds a B.A in Liberal studies as well as a Masters in International Communication.She travelled from city to city as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal and in addition, wrote for The Washington Post, The New York Times and Time Magazine. Today, she is the subject for many international TV programs and documentaries for women’s right to worship in local mosque.

#3.Rula Jebreal

Rula Jebreal

She is a Palestinian with dual Israeli and Italian citizenship, a daughter to one of the imams at Masjid al Aqsa. Although raised in an orphanage home in Israel, shewas able to gain a scholarship to study at the University of Bologna, Italy, where she earned a BSc. in Physiotherapy and M.A. in Journalism and Political Science. Today, Jebreal is apolitical analyst,novelist, screenwriter and a renowned journalist and commentator for MSNBC.

#4.Kamin Muhammadi


Kamin Mohammadi

She is a journalist, writer and broadcaster of Iranian descent. She was raised in the United Kingdom and has written for many British and International press including The Guardian and The Times.Furthermore, her contribution to journalism has been nominated for Amnesty Human Rights in Journalism Award, as well as National Magazine Award in 2011.She is also a popular face on many BBC and channel 4 programs and popular voice in many American radio stations. She has also written many books some of which include the ‘Cypress: A love letter to Iran’.

#5.Tasmin Lucia-khan

Tasmin Lucia Khan

She is a notable journalist, presenter and news producer born in London but originally of Bengali descent. Lucia- Khan holds an honorary degree in politics, philosophy and economics at Oxford.She started her career in 1999 with Zee-TV network as a news presenter before joining the BBC network.

She is the face of BBC three news and hosting E24 on BBC news also fronting the morning news for ITV breakfast show. In 2010, Khan was named the 27th sexiest Asian woman in the world, and in 2014 as entrepreneur of the year. She is currently the CEO of global entertainment and film company.

Journalism is the key to information today. It comes with its risks and challenges, especially being a woman. Those who therefore, stand strong and engage in this line of work are brave, and deserve to be acknowledged.

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