Travelling During Eid-Airport

Eid is one of the busiest travel times in the UAE as thousands of holiday makers are expected to travel for holidays and it is advisable to go to the airport earlier.

It has been said that form Thursday to Saturday 160,000 travellers are expected to pass though terminal three- Emirates Airlines and on Friday 90,000 travellers are expected to be seen at the terminal.

Private sector employees are expected to get longer holidays and this enables them to travel further.

Digvijay Pratap (co-founder and managing director of Holiday Middle East) said “it is ideal for passengers to arrive at the airport three hours, or even four hours, prior to scheduled departure. This year, Eid Al Adha starts at the beginning of the week. [If you add] the weekend prior, [plus the fact that] the Knowledge and Human Development Authority announced the full week off, the travel dates are essentially from Friday to next Friday or Saturday, allowing for longer haul destinations”.

He also added “Plus, the season for September makes the weather very pleasant in a lot of destinations (not cold, not hot) and most importantly, it’s away from peak seasons in different destinations and so the More than 250,000 passengers are forecast to pass through the Dubai airport over the next few days, as expatriates and UAE nationals head abroad to spend Eid holidays”.

Passengers are expected to be at the terminal at least 3 hours earlier. Check-in counter will also be available 6 hours before the scheduled departure time.

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