Islam expects of its followers truth and honesty in all matters of life- heart and wakeful conscience- which would ensure the protection of the rights of Allah and Humanity and which would also protect their actions from the commitment of excesses. Therefore it is necessary that every Muslim should be trustworthy. In the eyes of Shari’ah, Trust/ honesty has a very broad sense. This words contains an oceans of meanings, but underneath it all is the sense of responsibility, the sense of having to appear before Allah and to account for one’s actions, the details of which are given in the Hadith:

“ Every one of us is a guardian and every one will be asked about his/her subjects. Imam is a guardian. He will be asked about his subjects. A man is a guardian of the people in his household. He will is answerable about them. A woman is the guardian of her husband’s house. She will be asked about her responsibility. The servant is  the guardian of the articles of his master. He is answerable about this responsibility of his”. The self which continues to be attached to the high morals character even after undergoing the extremes of the hardship of poverty and helplessness must be belonging to a very Powerful and Trustworthy man; and the protection of the rights of Allah and His slaves demands such character only as does not change in good or and bad conditions, and this is the spirit of Trustworthiness.

Appointment to High Offices and Posts is a Trust in Islam

There is also another sense of trust, and that is: everything should be placed at its proper and deserving place. An officer or a post should be offered only to the deserving person ; and responsibility should be given only to that person who is able to shoulder it and who has the capability to do justice to the trust placed in him. Hazrat Abu Zar reported that he asked the prophet whether he would not make him a Governor somewhere. Hearing  this the Prophet tapped his should and said:

“ Oh Abu Zar, you are weak, and this responsibility is a trust. On the Day of Resurrection it will be a cause of loss of honour and ignominy. However, those people will be spared who will have accepted it with all its responsibilities and would have fulfilled whatever responsibilities they had in this connection.” Performing of Duty is also a Trust , This sense is also included in the meaning of trust that the man to whom the responsibility has been entrusted should have the sincere inclination of satisfactorily fulfilling those responsibilities and that he should devote all his energies for doing justice to fulfill it. Undoubtedly it is a trust.

Islam considers it worthy of honour that a man should be truthful and honest in his life. Dishonesty in performing duties causes various moral disease in the society. It causes great harm to the religion , to the Muslim public and to the country.  A muslim have to know that keeping Trust protects the rights of Allah and those of His slaves. And remember dishonesty is the worst friend of a man.

Keeping trust has been naturally ingrained in the depths of Men’s Hearts. So keeping Trust and Honesty in the self is part of Faith. May Allah Grant US Understanding? Ameen.

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