Ultra-modern variation of solar PV panels listed by Dubai Investments

A top, diverse investment company well recognized in a series of business ventures across three main sectors-real estate, industrial and manufacturing stated that one of its leading partner firms Emirates Insolaire will be displaying state of the art colored solar panels in the global energy-efficient to be held today (October 4) at the Dubai Show, as part of the Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition.
The sole aim of these innovation solar panels is to reduce on the greenhouse gas release and also cut down on utility bills.
Each capacitor module of Emirates Insolaire produces a unique effectiveness which is able to produce 170 to 190 watts per sq. m for roof or 110 to 130 watts per sq. m for facades.
The solar panels come at the right time when the Dubai government is making plans to make use of solar energy as a renewable source of power and vital to the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050.
It is predicted that by 2020, 2030 and 2050 7%, 25% and 75% respectively of Dubai’s energy will come from clean energy sources.
The managing partner of Emirates Insolaire Rafic Hanbali will be speaking on the topic “Market Trends, Innovation and Business Models for Solar Photovoltaic” at the Dubai Solae Show Seminars on October 6.
According to Khalid Bin Kalban, the managing director and chief executive, Dubai Investments is making greats efforts in maintaining its resources, hence numerous energy-efficient strategies and products have been introduces over the years.
He went on to say “the colored panels from Emirates Insolaire will enhance the use of renewable energy resources that focusses on making Dubai internationally recognized as the center of clean energy and green economy.”
A lot of opportunities have been made available in Europe and the Gulf by Emirates Insolaire as the request for energy-efficiency solar technology increases.
During the course of the year, sales of up to 50,000 square meters of colored Kromatix solar glass is anticipated to be made. A 43% increase in international installation of photovoltaic is expected in 2016 which will lead to a record level of 73 GW.
Installation of Kromatix Solar PV modules in Lausanne, Basel, Leysin, and Austria has already been made and over 12,000 solar glass panels covering 6,600 sq. m is presently being installed at Copenhagen International School Nordhavn in Denmark to fashion one of the largest photovoltaic buildings in the world.

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