Understanding Salah

Salah is the major form of worship that a Muslim offers regularly five times on each and everyday . Salah is an obligation upon all Muslims-there are no excuse for not offering Salah. Salah has other benefits for Muslims besides showing their submission to their Lord and maker.

The establishment of Salah is one of the most common themes in the Quran. In the Quran, Allah Azawajala has stressed upon Muslims to regularly perform their prayers. The following are ways through which we can benefit from Salah.

#1. Invocations Made during Salah are accepted by Allah

Although there is no constraint upon a Muslim on how/when to invoke Allah the Almighty, however, Salah offers the best time of doing so. The simple reason is that when a person worships Allah he or she develops a connection with Allah and any invocation during such a time is accepted by Allah more than any invocations done in any other time. In Quran, Allah Almighty says:

“O you who have believed, seek help through patience and prayer. Indeed, Allah is with the patient.” (2:153)

#2. Salah Leads To Taqwa

Piety or righteousness is the prime objective every Muslim must strive to attain.  All the instructions, constraints and education provided by Islam is only for Muslims to become pious so they trek on the righteous path. In this regard, prayer has a great role to play as it promotes Taqwa or piety in the Muslim. In Quran, Allah Azawajala says:

“This is the Book in which there is no doubt, a guidance for those who have Taqwa: who believe in the unseen, and who establish Salah, and spend out of what we have provided for them.” (2:2-3)

#3. Great Rewards in The Afterlife

Every deed, whether good or bad that a Muslim undertakes in this life, he or she will have to be answerable for it in the afterlife. Although all the deeds get rewarded in the afterlife, however, the actual reward of Salah will truly be realized in the afterlife when Allah Azawajala will shower special blessings on the persons that are steadfast in Salah. In Quran, Allah says:

“Indeed, those who believe and do righteous deeds and establish prayer and give zakah will have their reward with their Lord, and there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve.” (2:277)

#4. Medium of Connection with Allah

Muslims who realize that Allah is their Lord and the Giver of everything try to develop a relation with Him and wish to stay connected with Him as much as possible so that their relation grows stronger. Salah can effectively help in achieving so, as Allah Azawajala says in Quran:

“And when you have completed the prayer, remember Allah standing, sitting, or [lying] on your sides. But when you become secure, re-establish [regular] prayer. Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times. (4:103)

#5. Protection from Satan

Satan is an open enemy of the believers always bent on pushing them off the path of righteousness to the path of oblivion and darkness. Satan tries to tempt a person in all possible ways and when a person listens to him once , he gradually lures him or her further down into the pit of darkness. Therefore, seeking protection from Satan is also imperative for a Muslim. Allah says in the Qur’an:

“Satan only wants to cause between you animosity and hatred through intoxicants and gambling and to avert you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer. So will you not desist? (5:91)

In a nutshell, those who learn and read Quran on regular basis are familiar with the importance of Salah. As Muslims we must realize that above everything, Salah is an obligation and every Muslim has to fulfill this obligation. May Allah make it easy for us to be able to execute this obligation perfectly. Amen!

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