What Are The Traits of a Good Parent?

Most married couples have children but not all children are lucky to have had good and capable parents. Some parents are always busy with work and their careers, but the moment you give birth to a child, that child should be part of your daily schedule. Being a parent comes with a lot of responsibility.

While some parents may think that buying children clothes and expensive gifts is all that is there to it, parenting however goes beyond just material things. Good parenting rarely comes easily as it requires a lot of hard work and it tests you on all levels, be it financially, emotionally, physically and so on.

There are qualities you can cultivate to improve your parenting skills. Here are a few of them:

A sense of humor

You all are going to agree with me that parents with good sense of humor are the most popular with their children. Good humor encourages open dialogue between family members, it reduces stress hormones, stimulates endorphins, and strengthens the immune systems and it also makes family more entertaining and fun.


Flexible parents are always opened minded and easy to go with, they resolve disagreements smoothly with their children without shouting or scolding them. Whenever they have the time, they hold family meetings before making rules, meaning they don’t make rules and laws behind the knowledge of their children. When I say flexible, I don’t mean you should let your children do anything they want, but it means being receptive to adjustments where and when necessary.


Parents who have a good understanding are great listeners to whatever good or bad news their kids have to share. They don’t just judge their kids. Listening and always attending to your children pleases them better than any other thing beside this. To kids, being understood and appreciated is very important.

Academic support

No matter how busy parents are, they should support their children’s education by taking part physically. Studying or tutoring children should not always be outsourced to others; it is the duty of the parent to take part in teaching their children both matters of the den (religion) and knowledge relating to this world.

Every parent should know that a child does not need a nanny but the attention of their parents. This is what help them into being good and responsible adults tomorrow.

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