What Are Your Kids Learning from your Marriage?

Every married couple’s wish is to watch their children grow up being good, obedient and successful persons in the future. Most parents will normally send their kids to kindergarten or daycare centers at a young age but what they fail to understand is that the most important place where a child can learn at a young age is at the home with his/her parents.

A child and his parents are like an anvil and a hammer; the parents can shape their children anyhow they want, either helping them succeed or fail in life. Parents can teach their children in many ways, but the most important of all is the married life of parents as every child follows the footsteps of their parents.

#1.Model for your kids

No interactions are more visible, helpful and powerful to a child than what transpires between their mom and dad. The most important relationship in any family is the marital one and the best thing parents can do for their kids is to love each other. Married couples must show love towards each other as a way of teaching and showing your child what love is and how to treat your love ones. By making efforts to value each other, parents teach their children many important lessons in life.


Although most parents love and understand the importance of being affectionate and loving to their children, some overlook the fact that it’s important for them to also demonstrate affection for each other as well. Research shows that children who grow up in a house where their parents don’t show affection for each another in their presence grow up being uncomfortable about intimacy in their very own relationships. Similarly, children raised in violent homes have an opposite experience to those who grow up in good and peaceful homes. By being affectionate towards each other and towards the children, parents teach their young kids what is acceptable or not in life as it relates to love and affection.

#3.Sharing Household chores

Most fathers and some mothers do have work do to do outside the house and as such have an endless list of responsibilities. Even when the dad is the sole breadwinner of the house, he should try and find time for his wife and children. For example, cooking with your wife at home with the help of your children is a way of showing them that a man and his wife can share domestic chores willingly and happily.

#4.What marriage means

Marriage falls off the priority list for most couples after a few years of being together and having kids. When you direct your energy towards having a happy and healthy marriage, you are sending a message to your kids that marriage is a meaningful and healthy relation.

#5.How to keep a family happy

Apart from your everyday work and career, both parents also have the task of raising their child. However, most kids see their parents spending more time at work and visiting with friends. Yet, having fun, enjoying and relaxing with your family are some of the very important aspects of a family life.

Additionally, children are always watching their parents’ marriage. Many children learn the daily happenings in a marriage from their parents and what they see will help shape their perspective on marriage in the years to come.

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