What is The Secret Of Getting Your Articles Ranked : You Will Be Surprised At How Simple The Answer Is

What is The Secret Of Getting Your Articles Ranked : You Will Be Surprised At How Simple The Answer Is

I’m sure you have heard of the statement “Content is King”, but how do you actually get ranked while you are on your way to becoming the King? This post is not just about writing but it is also about, getting traffic and how people who can’t create content can still grow. I understand content marketing is very useful if you do it right but there was a world before it all as well.

That world had entrepreneurs who worked the traditional way to grow their business. The right way of publishing high quality content is not cheap. On average a piece of content which ranks on page 1 of Google has more than 2,000 words.

To write one post with more than 2,000 words and still keep the readers engaged is an art on its own. What if you are not too familiar with this art of producing engaging content, what do you do? Would your site still rank? Would you still be able to get organic traffic from the likes of Google? How do sites which don’t produce a whole lot of content still rank so high?

Keep on reading and you will have answers to most of these questions.

Before we start, remember, content is just one aspect of marketing online. If you were to grow your business and get organic traffic, you must have an integrated online marketing plan.

If I produce more content will I get more free organic traffic from Google?

All these sites which rank high, what do they have in common? Sites like Wikipedia, Buzzfeed, The New York Times, Techcrunch, and Mashable’s of the world.

They have been around for a long while and have been able to produce million of pages of good quality content, which is inline with how search engines rank sites.

These sites have million of pages, with millions of long tail keywords and backlinks, which come from those who link to them. They have become authority sites and Google will rank them on thousands of different keyword combinations.

If you type in “how to grow organic traffic” in Google, it returns About 26,000,000 results. The top sites with headlines “How To Grow a New Website to Over 100,000 Organic Visits” and “11 ways to increase organic site traffic”, both have more than 2,000 words.

When you start looking into the keywords you will notice that large content based sites get most of their traffic from long tail question types of keywords. Why do these question types of keywords work for bringing traffic? Because that is how a normal person types to look for information.

If your site is geared towards a certain industry and you produce quality content on consistent basis, you can follow in the footsteps of the sites above.

You must be wondering, “I thought this post was about getting organic traffic without trying to compete with BuzzFeed”?  You are right, if you choose not to produce content, it’s not the end of the world and it doesn’t mean you can’t get rankings.

Look at sites like UpWorthy. According to Alexa Raking, it is ranked 493 in the USA as of December 07, 2015 and gets millions of visitors from Google.

If you search for the phrase “neil degrasse tyson,” you’ll see UpWorthy on the first page of Google. The article which ranks for UpWorthy actually has a long tail title “Instead of arguing about guns on Twitter, Neil deGrasse Tyson just laid out the numbers”.

The word count on that page is less than 200 if you take out the link text to others pages. They also rank for 132,000 organic keywords, including “bob ross”, which has more than 89 million results.

Isn’t UpWorthy still generating content?

Yes it is but if you look into it, the amount of content in words per page, is lot less than lots of other sites but yes, they still use the art of words to get organic traffic.

Airbnb, a site, which allowed people to turn their unused rooms or sofas into money is a website for people to list, find, and rent lodging. It has over 1,500,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 190 countries.

The site is worth Billions and has powered its way into amazing Google rankings, even for competitive terms such as “vacation rentals”.

If you were to analyze  Airbnb’s front page, it is focused on getting you to find a room for rent, which is their business. The content there is very limited.

If you dig further, they have 54 million pages indexed in Google. Most of these pages are listings of the rooms for rent and the content on these pages has user generated descriptions along with reviews from users who stayed there.

Let’s look at another example. If you ever searched for a person by their name, chances are high you found a site called “WhitePages”. Guess what they don’t have? If you guessed “Content”, you are absolutely right. Yes, WhitePages has very little content yet, they rank well for people search.

What is the secret

What are these sites doing if they are not creating content. How are they ranking so high and can you do that as well?

To really answer this questions, we would have to go “back to the future”.

How Google beat other search engines?

Before 1995, search engines relied on databases of textual keywords to find relevant results. Whenever a user entered a search term, market leading search engines such as AltaVista and Lycos would compare the search term to their databases. The pages that had text most similar to the search term were considered to be more relevant and were featured higher in the list of search results. People were gaming the system by keyword stuffing in tags and on page to rank higher.

Google’s co-founder Page decided to create an algorithm to evaluate the relevance of certain pages by analyzing the patterns formed by hyperlinks.

These hyperlinks called backlinks were the basis for determining a website’s PageRank. The higher the PageRank the more authority the site would have. Within the site, whichever page has the most backlinks, would rank high.

Ranking of two pages from two different sites would be based on how many backlinks each page has and the authority of the root level domain name.

The most known secret to ranking high is organic backlinks (links which webmasters place on their site on their own free will). Be careful if you try to game Google with buying backlinks, that practice is very dangerous and most likely will result in a site-wide google penalty.

How much do backlinks help with rankings of a site?

What most high ranking sites have in common are the organic backlinks which people place on their site, when someone clicks on the links, it goes to the source of the information.

Even if you were to write loads of long deep content, which had more than 2000 words, if people are not linking to it, chances of you ranking high, compared to even a shallow post from another site, which has more backlinks, are far fetched.

If you are still wondering how is this possible, you must read this post from Moz (backed by the largest community of SEOs on the planet).

Every two years Moz surveys the opinions of dozens of the world’s brightest search marketers and runs correlation studies to better understand the workings of search engine algorithms. They gather this data to gain insight into the factors that may help—or hurt—a website’s visibility in search engines.

It clearly states that the most important factor is backlinks.

Are there other things these high traffic sites have in common?

Yes; Lots of high traffic sites have a very large index of pages in Google. In most cases, this index runs into millions. As stated above, Airbnb has more than 56 million pages in Google.

So, how can you grow your organic traffic without generating more content?

How to grow your organic traffic

Just like Airbnb and WhitePages, you can get huge amount of organic traffic if you were to increase the number of pages Google has in index for your website.

How to increase the number of pages on your site?

Increase number of pages on your website: There are number of ways to increase pages on your site, including UGC, by getting users of your site to participate. Make sure you find ways to make the pages relevant. If quality is no good, Google might bring it’s wrath down on you.

How to make pages relevant: If your pages are thin in content (Google is good at finding thin content fast) you will most likely be slapped by the attack of the Panda.

A panda penalty or ”Quality Algorithm” evaluates the quality of your entire website. If it determines that your website is providing low quality content, then Google will assign your entire website a lower quality score which will make it increasingly difficult for you to rank in the search engine.

To avoid the Panda penalty, your page must have useful content or you must package it with other relevant content that allows the user to find value. You can also take a page out of Yelp’s book and allow your visitors to write reviews but make sure you manage the user generated content well to avoid comment and review spam on your site.

PR is The King : Third person opinion is more important than paid advertisement. how do you get a third person to write about your website? It’s called the Press.

Most media sites are high authority sites and backlinks from them go a long way. If you look at any major site or even a new comer who is gaining traction, chances are high, they are consistently in the press. The headlines not only bring direct traffic but the backlinks from them are worth a lot.

Get yourself a PR company or try getting in touch with reporters yourself. Make sure you don’t send them sales spam but approach them with a story, which their audience would enjoy.

Remember, PR is about being able to position your story so it stands out. Break one window on the street and it is called vandalism, break all windows on the street and its called “news”.

Just did it: I used to think Nike had the best slogan “Just do it” but as i started growing my business and as my marketing knowledge grew I heard an excellent statement from Com Mirza, “Just Did it”.  It has been the basis of everything I do and you will do well to adopt it.

Build links from press. Participate in discussions at high authority sites by first sharing your knowledge with the community and when others see the value, they would naturally want to know who you are and most likely will link to you. I will write a detailed link building guide in the future. To get access, please contact us here.

Be consistent and have patience: The best thing you can do with your business is to be consistent. Focus your efforts on building a business and providing value to your visitors.

When there is a value, there is a repeat traffic, and guess what – the repeat traffic bypasses the search engines completely. If an increasing percentage of people who came to your site, come back on a regular basis – you got yourself a winner.

Brand Power: One of the most powerful ways to build backlinks and to make sure Google looks at your site as an authority is to build a brand. If you look at top five keywords for Airbnb, they are :

  • airbnb
  • air bnb
  • air b and b
  • air b&b
  • airbnb.com

It clearly signals Google that lots of people like to visit airbnb and search for it with its name. This direct searching on Google translates to brand power and it also contributes to higher ranking. If there are two links on Google and one has a higher click through than the other, the one with higher click through will rise in ranking.

One way to get lots of people searching for your name in Google is to go after the Radio and TV media. When they hear your name on air, chances are they will be searching for it in Google. This gives the search engine a great signal for a rising brand.


It is still possible to grow your traffic without content and if you really want to dominate your market, you should take the necessary steps to increase your brand power.

When you focus on things that allow your target market to find out who you are, what you do and why they should be doing business with you, your repeat traffic will increase.

When you approach the media properly and get coverage, you will be able to get backlinks, which are the basis for ranking on Google.

You will also be able to get people to type your company name directly in Google, which also signals the importance of your business.  As you build the business, ranking for your site will increase.

Look at the market leaders like Apple, Amazon, WhatsApp and Pinterest – they all created amazing products. People who used them, first loved the products and they linked to them without giving the link a second thought.

Make sure to engage with your audience wherever they are, social networks or otherwise.

If you really want to grow without writing the content, build organic backlinks by using press and other white hat back linking strategies.

If you want to dominate your industry, build a brand your customers would love because your product offers value and is easy to use.

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