What Makes a Great Boss?

Whether they are at the top of workplace hierarchy, mid-level managers or supervisors, bosses they are leaders of any organization and as such have a great effect on the success of the business. However, as great a boss may be at their job, it is also their responsibility to manage people and this requires good interpersonal skills. Great companies can lose great talent because of a bad boss so it is important for firms to have an idea of the type of leaders their employees would like to work under and make sure their leaders live up to those ideals. Here are some ideas on what it takes to be a great boss.


#1. Great Bosses are Motivated

A great boss is one that is always highly motivated and passionate about his/her job. A great boss will put in the effort to make sure all his or her delegates are dedicated to their work and all are happily inclined to complete their various tasks.

#2. A Great Boss Looks out for his/her Subordinates

A great boss is also one who looks out selflessly for his/her employees. A great boss will go out of his/her way to make sure no harm comes to his/her employees. He/she will always make sure the team meets targets and deadlines and is willing to work with them to get the job done if they are any shortcomings on the side of his/her subordinates.

#3. A Great Boss Brings out the Best from his Subordinates

Instead of treating everybody the same, a great boss focuses on individuality and tries to draw the best from individual employees. They will take the time to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of his employees to make his/her workplace more efficient.

#4. A Great Boss is Open and Approachable

Great bosses are known to be open in the workplace. This means they are the type to share a lot of knowledge and information with his employees and vice versa. This makes his/her workplace a social space benefitting all that work there. Also, subordinates are well informed in a timely manner about issues that affect them as this information will often be shared.  A great boss makes sure they understand that even a boss is liable to make mistakes, that he or she is far from perfect.

#5. A Great Boss Keeps Cool Under Pressure

Being a boss can be quite demanding and stressful. A great boss will not succumb to this pressure and by extension propagate negative energy around him or her. When things are at their worst, a great boss will address the situation in a cool and controlled manner until it is under control.

#6. Great Bosses are Emotionally Intelligent

They treat employees with utmost respect and are not oblivious to their needs and wants. They always make sure they are there to support their workers both mentally and physically making them an invaluable asset to the workplace.

There are likely other traits of a great boss that have not been mentioned above, but a boss that embodies the characteristics listed here will definitely stand out. Have other ideas about what makes a great boss? Please share in the comment box below. Have a nice day!



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