What we can do to support halal muslim businesses

It is one task to establish a business and it another to make it prosper. A halal business is any business which is operated on the good teachings and practice of Islam. Unfortunately, only a handful of such business exist around major cities today. Any business can be halal, depending on the kind of goods on display in the shelves, and the manner in which the business owner executes his or her business. Sometimes, Muslims avoid going into strict halal businesses because they do not see any profit in them. It is therefore partly our responsibility as the Muslim populace, to patronize halal businesses, and below are some of the ways which we can show our support.


This might be the most important tip you’ll probably ever get. Living Halal means ensuring that every aspect of our lives fits in accordance with Islamic norms.

“Then he mentioned [the case of] a man who, having journeyed far, is disheveled and dusty and who spreads out his hands to the sky [saying]: O Lord! O Lord! – while his food is unlawful, his drink is unlawful, his clothing is unlawful, and he is nourished unlawfully, so how can he be answered!” -Sahih Muslim.

Eating, drinking, dressing and living Halal is very important as muslims because it goes a long way in strengthening our communication and relationship with our creator.


A Zabiha meat is any meat obtained from the animal that was slaughtered by halal means. It is mandatory for muslims to take it upon themselves and ensure that whatever they are buying is really Halal and in the case of meat, is Zabiha. This is a responsibility no one should turn their back on. Although many will argue that once a muslim tells you it is halal it is unnecessary to question the store owner or ask further question. According to Muhammad Mazhar, a leading halal expert in US ,“This is true only if you are invited as a guest,” he says. “On an individual level, yes it is true. But when it comes to the community level we have to question and we have to enquire because we cannot be taken for a ride, and we should not be fooled.“


Sometimes its not just about establishing a halal business its also involves letting people know about its existence. As such, supporting Muslim Halal grocery stores and businesses should not just end with our own personal scrutiny and satisfaction with a given establishment. Rather, Muslims should encourage each other to eat Halal and buy Halal from Muslim businesses as well.


One of the secrets to every society’s growth is self sufficiency. Therefore, encouraging other efforts will go a long way at developing the Muslim economy, and specifically, in producing their own food. There is need not just for Muslims to be involved with slaughtering but also to raise animals in an Islamic way. That is, free of hormones, and dangerous drugs often given to animals on farms across America.


Muslims often point to the success of the Kosher food products and labeling system across North America established by the viable Jewish community. However, what muslims fail to acknowledge was that the Jewish community has been working towards this goal for a much longer time than the Muslim community has.


Demand from Muslim stores not just the halal meat and food they provide, but also that they DO NOT sell Haram products, such as obscene videos, alcohol, pork, etc. As a consumer, you can make a change with a bit of politeness and wisdom. Until we demand better from our stores, it is unlikely the situation will change. After all, Halal is more than just about food. It’s a way a life. It’s who we are as Muslims.

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