Why Love Disappears After Marriage

Allah has put some educative and admiring words in the Holy Quran about love, marriage and temptation. People normally say Allah knows best and things happening in our lives are regarded as destiny so therefore they are meant to happen. Not everything that happens in our lives is destiny. Some things happen as a result of how we design or recreate our lives.

Take married life for instance. Life after honeymoon is different from the run up to the wedding.  Our elders usually say marriage is like honey, salt and pepper fused together in one candy bar. The beginning stage tastes sweet just like honey, then it starts changing taste until you start realizing a spicy taste. These changes occur as a result of situations such as children, work and family that come your way.

Allah says that He has put love and mercy between married couples. If you study marriages you realize the beginning is often always very passionate. You’re obsessed with your wife, you can’t think about anything else apart from her. The same applies in her case as well.

When Couples Start Loosing Attention For Each Other

It takes approximately six months for married couples to start losing the affection they had for one another. Initially they have less time for friends and families. They distance themselves from third parties so as to enjoy each other’s company without any interference. Unfortunately as time elapses, love becomes history in the hearts of most couples. It is then that many realize that all they had were physical attractions for their spouse. As the intimacy evaporates, many couples begin to see each other as a burden.

What Is Marriage About

Marriage is all about everlasting love, kindness and respect between couples and not a mere license to satisfying one’s sexual desires.

The Six Steps to Maintaining Love in Your Marriage

#1.Keep heads up to the things you used to do for your spouse that caused happiness between the two of you and try to do that more often
#2.Consider the fact that as time goes on your love will be shared between your spouse and your upcoming children
#3.Be humble and try to fix all obstacles and difficulties that come into your marital home from both external and internal forces
#4.Trust each other and work on all possibilities that will make your marriage a success
#5.Seek advice if necessary from Allah fearing individuals because no individual knows it all
#6.Be each other’s best friend, hubby and social media that way all shall be well in your lives until dead eventually do you apart

Following these six steps will rejuvenate the love you have for your spouse and will make your home a happy one to live in.

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