Why We Should Encourage the Youth to Marry

Marriage can be defined as a legally or culturally sanctioned union between a man and a woman to live as husband and wife. The Prophet (pbuh) married and he encouraged marriage. In one hadith the Prophet (s.a.w) said: “Do not delay in three things;

1) the offering of the obligatory prayer.

2) The offering of the funeral prayer when the deceased’s body is present.

3) The marriage of a woman when her couple is found”.

Even though Islam encourages young people to marry, the lifestyle today discourages this rather blessed act. Children are expected to go through 12 years of school, add 4-7 years of college before their parents approve of them getting a spouse. Unfortunately, this has caused more havoc in the world.


How many children are born out of wedlock today?

Uncountable. How many abortions are carried out? Uncountable. How many young people engage in illicit sexual activities? Uncountable. Young people have been stripped off their innocence and exposed to fornication because they cannot marry. But marriage is more than just for sex. Here are few reasons why youths should marry:

1. To safeguard one’s faith

Marriage is said to be half of one’s faith. The Prophet (s.a.w) said: “A person who possesses the means to marry (i.e. he is able to work etc. to support a wife and children) and does not marry then he is not from amongst us (i.e. the believers)”. Marriage helps to protect one from distractions; illicit relationships, fornication, homosexuality and all other things that take one away from the path of Allah.

2. To become responsible

Marriage is a responsibility no doubt. To take care of another person, love them and live with them can be quite challenging. But it helps a person to grow up and become more mature. It also helps the spouses to focus on other things without having to worry about relationships or the like. Islam has laid down rules and regulations that if followed, would definitely lead to a successful marriage. It is sad that nowadays, people deviate from these rules and hence, increase in divorce rates.

3. To build a strong family

the foundation of every strong family is a strong marriage. When spouses marry young, they have much desire and are happier. They love each other and grow together. This way, they also build a better family and thus, a strong society. Children need a home. They need parents who are in their life for a healthy growth. It is because many people fail to marry today, that many children grow up not knowing their father or mother, and these children may grow up with anger issues and many other undesirable traits.

This goes to the youths of today; the leaders of tomorrow. Let us remember the commandments of Allah for He created us and know what’s best for us. Allah says in the holy Quran: “‘And wed the single among you”.(Q24 : V32) Perhaps parents today have been misled by money and education and they have forgotten that certain things are more important. Let’s do better by our children. Encourage the youths to marry.

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