Why you need Imammah/Hat as a muslim

Wearing a prayer cap is a practice that is as old as the Islamic religion. It is from amongst Islamic and ancient civilizations. The usage of a hat to cover the head also originates from ancient time, though there are difference of opinion to the nature of the hat. Imam Bukhari rahimahullah has entitled a heading in his book Sahih Al Bukhari (Page 862 Volume 2) under which Allamah Ibn Batal Al Maliki (r.a) states: –

“In there is a proof that to wear kamees, pyjuma, topy etc which are mentioned in the hadith of Abdullah Ibn Umar (r.a) are amongst ancient commands”.

There are many different kinds of prayer caps, but the most popular kinds are keffiyeh, topi and tagiyah. Typically, Muslim prayer caps are worn during jumu’ah, or Friday prayers, that take place in a mosque, and during salat prayers that are conducted at home. However, a prayer cap also has several meanings that are unrelated to prayer.

It is part and parcel of the Prophets’ and pious predecessors’ clothing
Numerous Muslims wear caps to demonstrate that they are followers of Muhammad (SAW).In the Quran, all the companions of Muhammad (SAW) wore head covers at all times, which is one reason Muslims embraced this practice. It is also believed that this was one of Muhammad(saw)’s principles, so Muslims wear prayer caps to obey and take after Him(saw).

A petition top is frequently worn amid supplication either at home or in a mosque. For men, it is mustahab, to cover the head during prayer. Numerous mosques place prayer hats for men and head scarves for ladies outside the entryway so that everybody entering the mosque has the alternative of covering their head. Be that as it may, head covering is not compulsory to enter a mosque; rather, it is thought to be an indication of appreciation for Islamic religious lessons and conventions.

Humility in Islam is one of the focal standards of faith. Muslims must show humility in all parts of life, for example, discourse, activities, dress and conduct. In spite of the fact that the Quran does not unequivocally express that men must cover their heads, Muslims have truly worn petition tops as an outward indication of humility. Picking not to cover the head or wear a supplication top is thought to be an indication of vanity and pride.

Religious Conversion
At the point when a Westerner or non-believer concerts to Islam, it is standard to start wearing a supplication top as an indication of religious change. It is likewise an indication of solidarity, since head covering is a standout amongst the most notable parts of Muslim individuals. All believers are required to dress humbly, however there are no principles in regards to the utilization of a prayer hat. Nonetheless, numerous Western proselytes wear a supplication top while imploring and amid formal occasions, for example, a wedding. Revert Muslims for the most part have the choice of just adding a cap to Western attire or dressing totally in customary Muslim attire.

It is not obligatory for muslims to wear a prayer hat. However,it is a Sunnah. As such, every Muslim should make a habit and strive to wear a hat or an imamaah as part of his Muslim identity, if not, then at least while praying Salat. May Allah give us tawfeeq to act Ameen.

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