Worried About Distractions in Sallah? I Bet You Haven’t Tried These Tips

Accomplishing a quality salah is something we, as Productive Muslims, are all endeavoring towards. None of us gets a kick out of the chance to recount Quran amid our salah without having our confidence revived. We would all like for us to feel that peace from demonstrating our dutifulness to Allah. We’re all driving occupied lives and this can influence the time we spend in love to Allah (SWT) . Subsequently, in the little time we spend worshiping Him, we need to ensure this is done well and in a way that is satisfying to Allah (SWT). This will profit us in this life and our common obligations, and the great beyond.
Here are a few points which, inshallah, will help you improve the quality of your salah in terms of improving the prayer itself and also bearing in mind what can harm it.

Be Mindful Of Your Techniques

This identifies with every position you take amid salah. For instance, you can concentrate on how your feet are situated amid sajdah (surrender) e.g. ensuring they don’t fall off the ground whilst in surrender. Another case can ensure you’re standing upright after ruku’ before going into sajdah. A method for accomplishing this is to back off in every position. This would be particularly essential in case you’re actually a speedy peruser and your salah regularly completes rapidly. Backing off can mean presenting the Quran more gradually or simply holding your position i.e. in sajdah for a few moments more than ordinary after you have completed the process of discussing. Inshallah, this will permit you to unwind and get that bit of psyche and sakinah/peace within you that you have finished that position in a way that is satisfying to Allah.

Listen to Your Recitation

You don’t have to be a scholar to understand what you’re reciting. We should make the effort to understand at least some of what is read during salah. Once we understand what we are reading during salah even if it’s not all of what is read, then we will find that sweetness you obtain from salah by listening to what we are saying. In addition, understanding the different chapters and verses we read and their translation during salah e.g. Surah An-Nas, Al-Falaq, Al-‘Asr etc., is something that will allow us to achieve a better focused salah. Those mentioned are very short and are about a couple of lines long but are packed with meaning.

Be Conscious of Him and His Tricks

This is our foe, Shaitaan. We are honored by Allah (SWT) that we are in a position to perform salah yet this doesn’t stop Shaitaan in our salah who is ever bustling attempting to divert us from our love.

It is said in a hadith that shaitaan called “Khinzab” sits on your shoulder in salah. When you begin the salah, it whispers and does everything to aggravate you. That is the reason in the event that you end up going through your shopping list or what you need to accomplish for whatever is left of the day then realize this is the shaitaan working its enchantment. if we understand the different tricks of the shaitaan, we can avoid falling into its traps and letting our minds wander in salah.

Be Determined

This is a reference to getting ourselves centered. When we are accomplishing something imperative for instance finishing a task, venture for work, school or college, what do we do to ensure we are not diverted? This might disengage ourselves and going in a calm spot which can and ought to be connected to our salah. Anything that permits us to center, think and shut out the world amid salah can just profit us.
Numerous individuals discover sitting in sit tight for the salah, doing zikr (recognition) for a couple of minutes is extremely valuable. This will inshallah permit you to disregard the world and the different things you need to accomplish for a couple of minutes. In this manner, when the salah starts, you will be completely engaged.

Increase the Importance of the Salah

Attempt to think about the salah you are going to execute as the one in which Allah (SWT) will address you about on the Day of Judgment. This ought to help us to play out the salah with the dedication, fixation and consideration we are searching for. Likewise, it might think about the salah as something we will be set apart on like in a meeting. In this manner, inquiries may emerge from the salah, for example, ‘Did the individual read with consideration?’ ‘Where was their psyche amid salah?’ We ought to attempt to honestly answer and assess ourselves after the salah.
Furthermore, consider that this salah might be your last. I’m certain on the off chance that we were told this would be our last salah, we would perform it with great commitment, abstain from anything and anybody that diverted us and make it the longest salah conceivable. This is something to think about.

Continuously Make Dua’a

This is an indispensable point to consider for everybody. Dua’a ought to continually be made to Allah (SWT) as without the assistance of Allah (SWT) and His eager, we won’t have the capacity to play out the salah as required. We ought to consistently request that he send favors on us and if for instance we are battling with recollecting the Quran, or thinking then we ought to persistently look for assistance from Allah (SWT).

Likewise, dua’a ought to be made requesting absolution from Allah (SWT) for not accomplishing the measures required of us regardless of the possibility that we feel we have a few levels of commitment, consideration and quality amid our salah.
At long last, dua’a ought to be made expressing gratitude toward Allah (SWT) for every one of His bounties and giving us the favors to have the capacity to perform salah and appeal to him in spite of our numerous shortcomings.

I sincerely hope this offers you some use which you can subsequently apply in your salah.

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